Terms: The krafty + kaeratana Special Order System

The krafty + kaeratana Special Order System



We are on a mission to make our systems easier and the shopping experience better for you. We have simplified the Special Order System for you. 

Below is a very quick guide to the Special Orders Terms. We advise you to also read the rest of the Terms further below to be able to fully consider your options.

1. Cut-off Dates: Special Orders cut off twice a month.

Batch 1 cut off date - 15th of every month.
Batch 2 cut off date - 30th of every month.

2. Payments: To help us expedite and maintain a systematic processing of orders, to address previous concerns regarding special orders, and to minimize customer bank visits and transactions, we now request for full payment for all special orders. Payments must be made by the cut-off date to be included in the current batch of Special Orders.

Good news! We have opened the new postpaid and credit program and extended them to some of our regular patrons, and if you are interested, please get in touch with us for more details or to see if you qualify. Under this program, you are not required to provide initial and full payment for your special orders.

3. Fees: Placing a Special Order is absolutely free. There are no associated fees and extra charges if an order is completed. krafty + kaeratana will shoulder all international shipping expenses, duties and taxes required upon entry, as well as common hidden charges such as higher bank conversion rates so you don't have to worry these when shopping. Most items remain at actual retail prices, nothing more.

4. Timetables: It will take approximately 10-30 days after cut-off to fulfill a Special Order. Beyond 30 days, orders will be automatically cancelled with regrets, after non-fulfillment by our manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers within the ideal time frame. Items are always subject to manufacturer availability and logistics' ability to deliver.

Important: Except for the fixed cut-off dates, all references to dates and number of days pertain to business days. We, and most of our manufacturers and logistics providers, do not operate on weekends and holidays. Schedules take into account the estimated processing dates provided to us by our manufacturers and logistics providers.

Outlined above is the quick summary of the Special Order system. We request that you continue reading about the full terms, conditions and other helpful details below.  

Full Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions for Special Orders are effective beginning 15th May 2017.

We gently remind everyone to read our active terms and conditions in shop carefully and understand them thoroughly. For the User Agreement or the general terms and conditions governing the use of the web-shop, please check out krafty.kaeratana.com/agreement.

The following outlines the terms and conditions for placing a Special Order on krafty + kaeratana avenues (i.e. the website, Facebook and Instagram) and hereafter shall be referred to as the Terms. "Special Orders" may be referred to as SO.

Placing a Special Order on krafty + kaeratana constitutes acceptance of these Terms. By using our services, you agree to and are bound by the Terms. Be assured that we always aim to provide reasonable, fair and ethical agreements when you do business with us.


Special Orders consist of items that are backordered and pre-ordered (currently out of stock items, as well as new items that will be available in shop soon), early reservation items (incoming or arriving items) and other currently non on-hand items that you wish to place an order for.

An item is considered a special order when it is not currently available in shop and a request has been made to purchase it, along with a willingness to wait for the item to arrive. This process is governed by the expressed and outlined Terms.

You may place a request for a special order via krafty.kaeratana.com, or by contacting us on Facebook or Instagram.


Please note that items under Special Order are always subject to (1) manufacturer and supplier availability and (2) international logistics partners' ability to deliver. 

Due to the volume of orders our manufacturers process at any given time, they often only indicate an item's non-availability after the orders have been despatched from their warehouse. If a special order item turns out to be Out of Stock or Unavailable, you will be informed as soon as we receive notice of this. If an item is unable to be delivered or fulfilled by any of our international couriers (for reasons including issues on safety, issues on weight and quantity, issues on Customs and Borders clearances, among others) you will likewise be informed of it.

krafty + kaeratana reserves the right to cancel items ordered under these circumstances but will always provide you with due alternative.

Thereafter in such cases, one of the following will apply.

1 } The item will be removed from your invoice, the value of which is subtracted from your total invoice amount and you will be provided a refund for the item via your original payment method (PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.)

2 } You may also opt to wait for an item further until it is made available by the manufacturer. A new order will be processed as soon as 30 days have elapsed.

Please note that an order that can only be partially fulfilled does not qualify as a valid reason for full order cancellation. Only the unavailable item will be refunded in full. .

In any case, krafty + kaeratana will always aim to provide you with the best options possible or available. 


At times but extremely rarely, manufacturers will limit the quantity of items provided to retailers. In such cases, all special order requests for the items will be prioritized and processed in the order they were made. 


Occasionally, we will be announcing upcoming and most awaited releases or new collections from your favorite brands. As per standard practice, we order a limited first batch of these items, and accept reservations for them. New or future release items are considered Special Orders. Turnaround time begins immediately upon the first day of release.


To better facilitate and process all Special Orders, we have arranged two (2) cut-off dates every month:

Batch 1: cuts off every 15th of the month.

Batch 2: cuts off every 30th of the month.

All orders and payments should meet the cut-off marks to be included in the next batch of Special Orders.


To discourage scalping and joy-reserving activities, our current Special Order process requires a full payment for new customers. This payment will secure your reservation and should be made before the cut-off dateWe offer a new postpaid and credit system to our regular customers, and under this program, there is no need to deposit your payment before your item has arrived and is ready to ship. Please get in touch with us to see if you qualify or for more details.

Current and default payment modes apply. Banking and other payment instructions should be found in the official invoice sent to your registered email after your order is placed. For special arrangements, please contact us.

Once payment has been made and confirmed, your order status will be changed to "Processing". Only orders with "Processing" status will push through in terms of being forwarded to the manufacturer. 


Requests for special orders cut off twice a month: on the 15th and the 30th.

The current turnaround average for Special Orders is approximately 10-30 days after the cut-off date. Naturally, early reservation items may arrive significantly sooner than orders that are yet to be placed to the manufacturer, but will still follow the same cycle by default.

We always aim to deliver your items as soon as they arrive and we are continuously working towards  better logistics and delivery systems. In the meantime, we would like to emphasise that to minimise frustrations, please avoid rush orders or special orders requiring fulfilment in less than a month.

Taking into consideration that most of the items will be shipped by batch from different points of origin (the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia and Japan), delivery dates are always approximate and actual delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. Potential, unanticipated manufacturing and logistics issues, or other circumstances beyond anyone's control, may also contribute to slight delay in delivery. However, be assured that krafty + kaeratana will always provide you with updates regarding your special order.

By placing a special order on krafty + kaeratana, you agree to wait for fulfilment of your special orders within and beyond the estimated timetables. We ask that you trust that we, most of all, would like to bring you your items in the soonest possible time.


Orders containing both Special Orders and in-stock items will, by default, be adjusted and broken into separate shipping groups. Each group will be despatched separately as soon as available unless specifically requested to be consolidated. Postage & Packing (P&P) charges will apply to each batch of independent delivery. Anytime prior to items being despatched, you may send us a message if you wish for all orders to be consolidated or shipped together.


We offer a no-fuss return or refund policy for any available or on-hand items in shop (see: Returns Policy.) However, as Special Order items are ordered especially for you, they are (after final reservation) classified as "Sold." For all intents and purposes, these items are considered sold and no full refunds of deposits or buyer requests for cancellation of orders maybe made within 30 business days from the special cut-off date.

Payments made can not be exchanged for other goods or services offered in shop. For deliberately cancelled special orders, a minimal processing and cancellation charge of 12% of the total invoice amount or PHP 250 (whichever is higher) will be applied. Any deposit amount paid in excess of 12% of total invoice amount or PHP 250, may still be refunded or returned.

To protect everyone's interest and in the spirit of fairness, the above Special Order Payment Terms will be strictly implemented. If you consider yours to be a special case, please send us a message and we will see if we can help you with your concerns.

Orders will be automatically cancelled, with regrets, after non-fulfilment by our manufacturers or logistics partners after 30 days. If you wish to keep your order active until the items you wish to purchase are available in shop, a new order will be processed after 30 days have elapsed.


We do encourage you to allot enough time for your special orders to arrive. However, if it cannot be avoided and should you need specific items as soon as possible, we offer Premium SO services, which is the express option for placing special orders. 

All applicable terms remain the same (particularly deposits, payments and schedules). With Premium SO, you may avail of special order services for a premium (which is the international air freight costs of shipping your items) and get your items within 5-15 working days after cut-off. To make things easy and simple for you, we have a flat shipping rate of $35 or PHP 1750* per brand for Premium Special Orders, and your orders will be shipped express and will be with you within days (averaging 10 days)!

*Special Premium flat fee applies up to a maximum order of PHP 15,000. Actual shipping rate will be quoted for orders beyond the maximum, due to expected additions in weight and quantity.

*Special Orders above PHP 15,000 is eligible for Premium services absolutely free.


These Terms are subject to change without prior notice but although under no obligation to do so, krafty + kaeratana will always endeavour to provide reasonable notice of changes and amendments to these Terms.

Please note that these are default Special Order Terms. Sometimes, adjustments are or will be made on a case-to-case basis. In such case, indicated Special Order Terms supersede these default Terms, where clear and reasonable guidelines to the specific call of Special Orders are provided

The Kaeratana Design Studio Group and krafty + kaeratana reserve all rights within the permitted confines of the law and have sole and absolute discretion to decide on, inter alia, the rejection of services, closure of user accounts, removal or editing of content, and order cancellations.

The krafty + kaeratana User Agreement shall constitute an integral part of this Terms. In the event that any section of this Terms conflicts with the clauses in the User Agreement, said section from this Terms shall prevail and apply to any or all Special Order arrangements, for as long as they fall under the Special Order category.

Thank you for trying out our Special Order system!